It has been a long time, sorry. I found that the N95 hardware isn’t the most suitable one for the game I have in mind. I need more sensors (magnetometers and gyroscopes) to cope with perfect motion sensing without heavy image processing (as you see with some WiiU controller demos) and a 3D camera to handle occlusions. I’ll probably get back to the game in 2012 using a new platform, preferably a not-yet-announced Nexus phone with stereo camera, so the game will move to the Android platform. Current suitable hardware for the game should be the 3DS, but it’s so hard to even start developing for Nintendo that I prefer to stay with the mobile phone platform. Besides that, other similar titles are being announced for 3DS by real game companies (even the Fatal Frame one itself), and I don’t want to be eaten by the sharks. There are already some 3D phones, but no Android API to work with them yet.



  1. What do you mean there is no Android API for 3D?
    Pretty much _every_ android phone currently available support 3D using OpenGL through the standard Java SDK.

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